• Best belts ever! I threw away my other belts the day I got my Venturi belts. 

    Bryson L.

  • They really are great belts.  I work for the fire department - these belts are better than our issued equipment!  They're super sturdy and they don't collapse - a must for me because I carry so much junk on my belt! Beautiful and Flawless!

    Robert L

  • Received my belts a few days back and I'm very happy with them. As for me I like the fact that you don't really know you're wearing a belt because they're so light weight. I'm completely satisfied with them. Good job Venturi!!

    Edmond S

  • Received my two belts yesterday. If you've ever worn an inside the waistband pistol holster, you'll understand that the best compliment I can give is that I forgot I've been wearing this holster all day. It's adjustability means I can get it just right and the weight on my waist disappears. I'm looking forward to many years of use. Thanks

    Ryan N.

  • Got my belts. Love my belts. Huzzah

    Elizabeth S.

  • The belts feel like outstanding quality, they look great, and they do exactly what they're supposed to do. Congratulations on a smooth campaign, as well as on creating - as far as I can tell so far - an excellent product

    Roy A.

  • I am a maintenance mechanic in a men's prison, I wear a Venturi belt to hold my radio and my keys. It is strong enough to keep an inmate from ripping off either of them. It also is very comfortable. 

    Kate Connell

  • Just got my belt today. The only problem that I have with it is that I didn't buy more of them. What an amazing belt. Thank you so much!!!

    Charles M

  • Got my belts the other day, did my first fill days work as an EMT, held everything in place perfectly. Thank you for all you've done. Look forward to the next project.

    Christopher M

  • Got home about half an hour ago and there they were. You must be so pleased with this product because they are brilliant. Real quality belt with a quality finish.

    Have to admit I wasn't expecting much because I got one from another kickstarter project for my brother and it was just so so. This has knocked spots off that one.

    Well done guys:)

    Melanie T.

  • These are not cheap belts in any sense and must be rare worldwide. They feel so light and the buckle flat to your body it is hard to notice them on, but work just as advertised. I am a proud founder wearer. Well done guys on what looks like a quality finish.

    What's the next product?


  • Absolutely pants not down the best damn belts I've ever bought. Will be ordering more in the future.

    Daniel S.