How To

How does VENTURi Belt work?


Easy to adjust! 

 These are a couple very short and simple video clips, right? VENTURi is that simple! There's no ugly flap hanging out. It's low profile and classy. There are no holes to add after a happy holiday season, adjust your belt exactly where you need it. This is Your New Favorite Belt!

It's the fastest on and off belt out there! 


How does VENTURi Belt Work?


Traditional belts are made by sinching down and utilizing a hole to keep your belt tight. You're left with a flap that you tuck into your pant loops.

Venturi Belt is innovative and low-profile

  • No holes and no flap hanging out
  • Easy to adjust, once it's set you're ready to go every time
  • Casual but classy
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Minimalistic
  • Aircraft grade aluminum buckle

The Belt has been adjusted. We say this because once you set your belt to your desired length you can forget it. It stays there until you need to adjust the sizing. It's adjustable but always adjusted so it is ready to go every time.


Belts don't have to be complicated. No more fiddling with getting your belt sinched on. Once you adjust your belt you're ready to go! Our patent-pending design is how belts should have been all along. Ain't no better way to hold up your pants!!!